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About Us
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The International Association of Women Judges - Kenya Chapter (IAWJ - Kenya Chapter) formerly Kenya Women Judges Association (KWJA), is a non-profit, non-partisan organization registered under the Societies Act. The Association was registered in July 1993

Our Vision:
To be the custodian for human rights and gender justice.

Our Mission:

To promote access to justice for women and children through gender parity, development of jurisprudence, awareness creation, empowerment, and mentorship.

Organizational Values:

IAWJ Kenya Chapter is guided by the following values:

·         Integrity

·         Warmth

·         Justice

·         Knowledge

·         Commitment

#Justice And Equality for All


Governance & Management:

The Executive Committee is made up of 14 Honorable Members assisted by 10 Regional Liaisons.

IAWJ Kenya Chapter’s Constitution provides for an Annual General Meeting as the supreme policy making body and an Executive Committee headed by the President as the governing body. The Executive Committee and the Regional Liaisons hold office for a period of 2 years. 


Organizational Strategic Objectives

The Association’s fourth Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026 is unique as it includes two documents;

ONE: The outward-facing strategy which contains six objectives namely:

·  Strategic objective I: To create a warm and approachable judicial environment that upholds access to justice for women and children

·    Strategic objective II: To develop jurisprudence on women and children rights and gender parity

·  Strategic objective III: To be a valued provider of information on jurisprudence that highlights gender justice to stakeholders and the public

·  Strategic objective IV: To strengthen and empower the capacities of young women and girls within the regions through mentorship in leadership and gender justice

·     Strategic objective V: To promote the development of gender inclusion, equity, and equality in the Judiciary

·    Strategic objective VI: To influence policy on the rights of women and children by collaborating with actors within and outside the judicial sector


These Strategic Objectives will guide the Association in the implementation of its key activities as well as collaborative with its partners and forge new partnership.


TWO: The inward-facing strategy (institutional well-being) which contains seven objectives namely:

·         Strategic objective I: Structural re-organization

·         Strategic objective II: Organizational development

·         Strategic objective III: People and culture change

·         Strategic objective IV: Mentorship

·         Strategic objective V: Financial management and resource mobilization

·         Strategic objective VI: Recruitment and sustainability of members

·         Strategic objective VII: Communication


These Strategic Objectives will assist the Association to achieve its vision, mission, values and institutional growth.