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The International Association of Women Judges Kenya Chapter(IAWJKC) formerly Kenya Women Judges Association (KWJA), is a non-profit, non-partisan organization registered under the Societies Act. Cap 108 Laws of Kenya. The Association was registered in July 1993

Our Vision:
A leading association in Kenya of Women Judges and Magistrates that promotes human rights, with special focus on gender parity and access to justice for women and children.’

Our Mission:
To promote and enhance human rights with special focus on gender parity and access to justice for women and children through empowerment, awareness creation and development of jurisprudence of equality.

Core Values:
-Independence and Impartiality
-Accountability and Transparency

Our Slogan:
Together for Justice and Gender Equality

We as the Kenya Women Judges Association realize our vision through:

  • Creating an enabling environment for accessing the courts and responsive justice.
  • Skills and knowledge enhancement for judicial officers on human rights and gender parity and access to justice.
  • Promoting equal representation.
  • Promoting solidarity amongst judicial officers, partners and stakeholders.

As IAWJ(Kenya Chapter) we aim and object to:

  • Advocate for and encourage the appointment and recruitment of women into the Judiciary and particularly the appointment of greater number of women Judges and Magistrates so that the Judiciary reflects an equal role for men and women in the Society.
  • Develop, strengthen and protect the principles of the rule of law and the equality of all before the law and in particular to promote and encourage gender equality in all matters relating to the administration of justice.
  • Keep under review all aspects of discrimination on gender basis and to work actively towards the eradication of all forms of discrimination against women in administration of justice.
  • Promote by means of fair administration of justice all matters of family unity, child survival and development and in any other way to protect the sanctity of the family.
  • Engage in research, studies, judicial exchange and training programs which contribute to the understanding of and resolution of critical legal issues affecting women, children and families.
  • Exchange research findings and information with sister associations and other organizations engaged in the field of administration of justice as it affects in particular, women and children with a view to establishment of best practices.
  • Support the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) in its activities and those of any other Women Judges Association.

Governance & Management:

The Executive Committee is made up of 14 honorable members assisted by 10 regional liaisons.

The Constitution of IAWJ (Kenya Chapter) Provides for an AGM as the supreme policy making body and an executive committee headed by the president as the governing body. The executive committee and the regional liaisons hold office for a period of 2 years. 

Our Strategic Plan 2017-2021 guides our activities.

The Plan provides a platform for us to re brand and undertake activities in accordance with our vision. The leadership and membership of IAWJ (Kenya Chapter) are confident that the Strategic Plan is an accurate expression of the strategic direction that our members desire for the Association.