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The Executive Committee is made up of 6 officials and 8 co-opted members. They hold office for a period of 2 years. The office bearers are: The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice Secretary.

The Executive Committee Members elected during the 2019 AGM held on 7th September, 2019.

1.      Hon. Lady Justice Agnes Murgor, JA- President

2.      Hon. Lady Justice Hellen Wasilwa- Vice President

3.      Hon. Lady Justice Cecilia Githua- Treasurer

4.      Hon. Irene Kahuya- Vice Treasurer

5.      Hon. Christine Njagi- Secretary

6.      Hon. Hellen Onkwani- Vice Secretary

7.      Hon. Lady Justice Hannah Okwengu, JA – President Emeritus

8.      Hon. Lady Justice Roselyn Nambuye, JA- Representative Court of Appeal

9.      Hon. Lady Justice Jamila Mohammed, JA- Representative Court of Appeal

10.  Hon. Lady Justice Lydia Achode, PJ- Representative High Court and Courts of Equal Status

11.  Hon. Lady Justice Maureen Onyango, PJ- Representative High Court and Courts of Equal Status

12.  Hon. Roseline Oganyo- Representative Magistracy  

13.  Hon. Elizabeth Juma- Representative Magistracy  

14.  Hon. Zipporah Gichana- Representative Magistracy  



IAWJ Kenya Chapter has 5 regions namely: Coast, Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Rift valley and Western. The regions are headed by 2 Regional Liaison Persons. The following are Regional Liaison Persons as elected during the 2019 AGM held on 7th September, 2019.


1.      Hon. Lady Justice Roselyne Korir

2.      Hon. Njambi Waigera

Mount Kenya

1.      Hon. Lady Justice Florence Muchemi

2.      Hon. Manuela Kinyanjui


1.      Hon. Grace Omodho

2.      Hon. Catherine Kisiangani

Rift valley

1.      Hon. Lady Justice Teresia Matheka

2.      Hon. Rhoda Yator


1.      Hon. Terry Odera

2.      Hon. Lilian Kinale